Sweet Home personalised gifts. The ultimate decorative set for every home.


After the huge success of our previous personalised mugs, we took an extra step and created a unique personalised gift set.

Name teaspoons with ceramic handles are a novelty product that adds a completely new dimension to this range.

And lovely saucers with a personal message make the complete set look simply irresistable.


Each product works great on its own but they also have a fantastic potential for a combined purchase. The gift bag in matching design makes it even easier to create a lovely gift set to suit any occasion.




The design is contemporary, yet with the traditional feel of the "home, sweet home".The origines of the names and some extra personal information add the important emotional value to the gift.



New bone china mugs with high quality decal are dishwasher and microwave safe.



Mugs and teaspoons with 84 most popular names and 4 generics, plus the saucers with 2 different messages in 4 colours.

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